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Faceoff: 'Breaking Bad' predictions

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Posted: Sunday, September 22, 2013 7:21 pm

Josh Alfrey

The king will rule over a kingdom of dirt and dust and no one will be around to know — that is how I see the fate of Walter White.

“Breaking Bad” will have its series finale and the stage is set for one epic ending. Throughout the latest episodes, I have feared for everyone’s lives.

My prediction for the series finale is the destruction of all remnants of White’s life. The death count will reach higher than anticipated with even fringe characters feeling the effects.

Jesse Pinkman will not make it to the credits of the last episode. There may be a hint of light in Jesse’s life before it’s over, but it won’t last. His end will break Walt down as his life becomes more and more out of his hands.

One prediction is we will see the end of a member of the White family. Their knowledge about his business has become risky to numerous dangerous people and an even greater danger for themselves. Skyler, Walt Jr. or Marie will be gone before the end.

The surviving members of his family will completely run from the danger of Walt. These final deaths will leave him with nothing to live for but revenge.

In the season five premiere, Walt is under a new identity at a diner, and it is evident he lies low until his enemies believe he is gone. At the end of that flash-forward, he picks up a very large M60 machine gun.

This flash-forward will continue in the last episode as Walt heads to the end of his life with one blaze of glory. The former king will walk with his scepter-like machine gun to the members of the white supremacists who razed his life to the ground.

He will take out as many members of this group as possible as they fire upon him. White will know this is the end for him. The king may have lost control over the rest of his life but he will finally regain a little control, choosing when to die.

This is just my prediction, but no matter how the show handles its final minutes, the ending should be nothing less than amazing.

Patrick Pastrana

Fans of “Breaking Bad” wonder what Walter White’s blue-meth-cooking, evil genius, family man is planning to do next. I have a good idea of how the show will conclude.

Whether it is an accident or his intention to murder her, Walter will kill Skyler because she contacted the police, and he will continue to take on the traits from the people he’s murdered: Earlier in the series, Skylar arranged bacon to look like a 51 on Walt’s birthday. In the beginning of this season, there is a flash-forward where Walt arranged bacon to look like a 52. When he killed Krazy 8 in the first season, he started cutting the crust off bread like Krazy 8 wanted. When he killed Gus in season four, Walter started driving a Volvo just like Gus. After killing Mike in season five, Walter started to order drinks on the rocks.

Another prediction: Jesse Pinkman escapes the meth lab. Jesse got smarter over his time spent with Walter. One theory is Jesse will lie to the gang that has enslaved him and say, “If you want the meth to be blue, I need mercury.” He will pretend to make a new batch consisting of mercury. As they wait for the final results, Jesse will throw a chunk of fulminated mercury at them. The force of the element will be destructive like it was in season one, and the element will destroy the lab along with the gang that enslaved him.

I also think the gang will plan to kill Walter’s family. An opportunity will come up where Jesse could have stopped them, but will not in order to seek revenge on Walter, as Walter told Jesse he could have prevented his girlfriend’s death. Once Jesse escapes from the meth lab, he will tell Walt he had an opportunity to save Walt’s family but didn’t. That would escalate the show to a whole new level.

One prediction “Breaking Bad” fans would appreciate involves Walter’s infant daughter, Holly. A happy theory would allow for Holly to receive a huge inheritance when she becomes 18 years old, similar to Mike’s attempt with his granddaughter.

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