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Spring Break antics caught on camera

Sweeps hold contest for ‘picture-perfect' vacation memories


This Spring Break, a captured Kodak moment could mean (C-list) fame and (a very weak) fortune for one lucky NIU student.

Buoyed by the success of our search for NIU’s Godfather, Sweeps is pleased to release the details of a new and exciting contest that will bring joy to dozens of readers.

Next week, many NIU students will hit beaches all over the globe as Spring Break 2005 begins and ends in a glorious nine-day spurt. Others will not be so lucky - by choice.

"I’m probably going to play Halo 2 until my eyes bleed," said sophomore undecided major Mike Fosses.

Not a pretty picture...or is it? Well, Sweeps would like to make that call.

We are asking readers to submit their best Spring Break photos for publication in Sweeps the week after break and we are giving our readers a financial (however modest) incentive. The submission deemed the best by the Sweeps staff will receive $8, which happens to be the exact amount of money in my wallet right now.

Here are the criteria the judges will be using to pick out the best of the best:

Uniqueness - Have we ever seen anything like it before?

Lighting - Can we actually see what’s going on?

Sharpness - Is the object of the photo in focus? If not in sharp focus, does it appear to be an artistic method or was the person taking the photo just plastered? (Both are fine.)

Wildness - Does the photo embody the craziness that is supposed to be spring break?

Basically, you can submit whatever you want. Play miniature golf in your boxers? Perfect shot. Climb a coconut tree? Wicked snap. Go out on the town with your friends dressed to impressed? Classy image. Incite bloody eyes from video game addiction? Call an ambulance and send the photo to us.

You have two ways of entering. You can e-mail digital pictures to springphotos@hotmail.com or bring in developed shots to the Campus Life Building, Suite 130. Photos should be submitted with a short caption that properly sets the scene and identifies all of the participants. Your entry should include your name, major, year, e-mail address and phone number. By submitting an entry, you are agreeing to let your submission be printed in the Northern Star. Photos are due by noon March 23.

Finally, and this is very very important, the photo must be printable. As much as we love drunken, carefree nudity, this is a family newspaper section. Star employees and their family and friends are not eligible to win.

And remember, you don’t have to be hitting some tropical location to win. You can be staying here or going anywhere ... even Indianapolis like junior psychology major Cheryl Mesikano.

"It’s not exactly the most exciting Spring Break destination, but it sure beats DeKalb," she said.

You can beat DeKalb as well if you manage to get good light and great timing and the best Spring Break photo of ’05.

In case of blackouts, Sweeps will run a small reminder about the contest in the first two post-Spring Break editions of the Star.