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Letter to the Editor: Tony Martin's articles are trash journalism

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Posted: Monday, October 4, 2010 7:15 pm

I have read several of Tony Martin's articles now, and I cannot fathom why the Northern Star allows this man to continue writing for the publication.

His articles are the epitome of stilted journalism, and not the kind that I would expect to see on the Perspectives page. One of his latest articles, "http://northernstar.info/dekalb_scene/article_59628116-c60a-11df-b2ec-0017a4a78c22.html">Comcast's ‘gruesome' video of dead athlete uncalled for," is a prime example of this.

As a reporter, Tony does not get to decide what is ‘repulsive' and what isn't. Similarly, as a media consumer, he has the right not to watch or read segments that he feels are offensive to him. I also have to say that Comcast did not decide for him to make their website his browser homepage.

As a Comcast subscriber myself, I can say that Comcast gives you the option when you first install the service on your computer. He could have said no, but like most inattentive people, he allowed Comcast.com to become his homepage.

Also, for video to be displayed publicly, whomever is publishing that video must obtain consent from the parties involved to display their faces, and release their names.

While it is indeed tragic that such a young man was taken from this world so soon, Comcast was fully within their rights to do publish that video online.

So please, Tony, spare us your stilted journalism in favor of some more balanced news, lest you become the equivalent of a Fox News correspondent in the Northern Star.

Dave Gong


Journalism major

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