Elevators scheduled for repairs

By Caryn Rosenberg

Students will have to endure the frustration of elevator breakdowns in the residence hall towers until they are repaired during spring break, NIU administrators said.

NIU is making repairs to bring residence hall elevators into full compliance with current 1987 fire and safety codes as the result of an accident last August.

The elevator repairs were prompted when a short in an elevator in Grant North Tower D caused it to fall with the doors open and two passengers inside.

James Harder, vice president of Business and Operations, said the plans to complete the repairs are running on schedule.

“It’s about where we expected it to be,” Harder said.

John Gardner, interim director of the Physical Plant, said he does not know when the repairs will begin but thinks they will be done by the end of spring break.

Gardner said the contractor has assembled the necessary parts needed for the repairs.

“The controllers are essentially done and they are here now,” Gardner said. “It’s just a question of arranging installation.”

Grant Tower resident Kevin Hannon said he has encountered problems with the elevators firsthand.

“I’ve been stuck in (the elevators) a few times,” Hannon said. “But I’ve learned how to open the outside doors and jump out.”

Hannon said the elevators usually get stuck on the way up, but recently has heard stories of people getting stuck going down as well.

Grant Towers resident Shelby Snyder said the problems are frequent.

“They never seem to be working at the same time,” Snyder said.