City council says yes to health

The DeKalb City Council might have saved some young people from burning up seconds of their lives.

The council voted unanimously Monday night to limit cigarette vending machines.

The ordinance stated that cigarettes can be sold from vending machines in places where alcohol is served, such as local bars and restaurants.

The city would have had to do something like this eventually with the state asking cities to crack down on minors smoking.

Someone at the meeting said if they limited cigarette sales it would be like “taking away a person’s rights.”

It is not someone’s right to make cigarettes available to someone who is not old enough to buy them at a store in the first place.

If they want to smoke, they’d better be old enough.

It’s okay to keep the machines in bars because the only people allowed in them are old enough to buy cigarettes.

Not to mention that bars are about the only place left where one can smoke in public.

If the council is able to discourage at least one person to not smoke, the limiting was well worth the effort.

The point of limiting the sale of cigarettes is not the issue. It is not infringing upon anyone’s rights. And let’s face facts, if people really want to get their hands on the cancer sticks, they will.

The city shouldn’t make it any easier for people who want to kill themselves. This limiting is a step in the right direction.