SA announces upcoming goals for spring semester

By Megan Knowles

Student Association leaders announced their upcoming goals for this semester.

SA President Preston Came said there are many issues coming up, starting with the Student Life Building.

“The SA is going to be very involved with the administration in this project, and if the bonds are refinanced, the students want to play a role in where that money goes. This is the students’ university and the students want to have a voice in that,” he said.

Came also said the SA will be involved in the president’s Fee Study Committee.

“The SA will recommend to the president’s Fee Study Committee an increase in the student activity fee that will be used for increased funding for student legal services,” he said.

SA Senate Speaker Michael Starzec has a different agenda.

Starzec said he plans to continue his work with public universities in Illinois to pass resolutions. He wants the total return of tuition money to go back to the colleges instead of being allocated by the state based on where they think the needs are.

“We’re hoping that will create a large enough voice so that the state will know to reconsider it,” Starzec said.

He said he would also like to work more on minority retention on campus.

“The programs they provide aren’t as full-fledged as they could be. They don’t provide enough support for them,” he said.

NIU student Regent James Mertes also has many plans brewing.

“I think that there needs to be definitional, as well as policy changes, made to the student judicial code,” he said. “I’ll continue to do so (pursue changes) until the student judicial code is entirely revamped,” Mertes said.

Mertes said he also plans to oppose pending tuition increases.

“A lot of things crop up on a daily basis. As those issues arise, I have to be prepared to deal with them quickly and decisively,” he said.