“JFK” film not all accurate

Oliver Stone has earned the right to be dubbed the modern master of propaganda on the silver screen. He’s taken a serious issue and tugged at the emotions of the audience for his own political views. With his new film “JFK,” Stone attempts to rewrite an already distorted history. He also is possibly starting a disturbing trend for future film makers.

Stone must be given credit for bringing an unresolved controversy back into the public eye. But even he admits the film’s theory might not be accurate.

Stone believes the Kennedy assassination was a conspiracy from right wing groups such as the CIA and the FBI. ‘Take one myth and create another’ is Stone’s explanation of how he sees the movie.

While few Americans are satisfied with the official explanation of the Warren Commission Report, which states assassin Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, there are holes in Stone’s theory.

Some historians will point out that it was under the Kennedy administration that the first troops were placed in Vietnam. Why, then, would conservatives want him dead for this reason?

The trouble with this picture is that future film makers might decide to follow Stone’s example and rewrite history as they see it, rather than sticking to documented facts.

If facts were found to dispute or support Stone’s theory it would be a welcome message for film makers to use their medium wisely.

While “JFK” is interesting, it should be taken as a film and not a textbook on American history.