Darwin lesson two

Oxymoron of the year—Eric Krol, journalist.

Having said that, I suppose an explanation is in order. In your column on Jan. 28, you proved yourself as being a juvenile, self-centered, conceited pig.

I am not a biologist and obviously you are not either, but let me explain a symbiotic relationship to you. A symbiotic relationship is when two or more organisms rely on each other to ensure survival. I fully understand the food chain, but unlike you I also can respect it. You also speak of Darwinism. Now listen, this is lesson number two in Darwinism. When carnivores near the top of the food chain prey, e.g., sharks and lions, they prey on the weak and sick leaving the strong to ensure survival of species. Man, on the other hand, is interested in killing the strongest, largest beasts possible, whether it be for food or sport.

If I may quote you, “Damn it, we can’t even solve the problems of the human race so why should anyone be devoting time to saving a bunch of animals?” Why don’t you just say, “Hey, I’m stupid.” This “bunch of animals” is in one way or another ensuring our survival on this planet. Without animals, we would cease to exist; so in essence, they are actually more than equal to us. They were here millions of years before us, and unless we destroy the planet, they will be here after we’re gone.

I’m not an extremist, but I do have an ounce of logic, and an ounce of humanity that tells me that senseless killing is not right.

Please Eric, next time you have a problem finding a good idea for you column, either look harder or, even better, forget the column and go play with your pencil somewhere else.

Dusty Showers


Education Major