Senators gear up for protest

By Linda Warchal

As the “Day of Mourning” approaches, Student Association senators are psyched up to show their concern.

SA Senate Speaker Mike Starzec said he is contacting senators and other campus organizations to get them to come to the demonstration at noon Thursday.

The SA has organized a “memorial service” for the loss of academic excellence and intellectual integrity which will be held the day the Board of Regents meets.

Starzec said he thinks “Day of Mourning” is important because students need to show the Board of Regents that they do care about the quality of education.

Sen. Jennifer Sarro said she thinks the demonstration should promote awareness. “We need to let the administration know that we need the classes and the teachers more than new buildings.”

Sen. Christi Kret said “Day of Mourning” is a good place for students to begin to do something about how the university is running.

“Students don’t know how to change things but this is a good way to begin,” Kret said.

SA President Preston Came said “Day of Mourning” is a way to protest the misguided priorities of the administration and state.

He said he thinks students will come out to show that academics are where their priorities lie.

“We want to send a message to the administration and state

that we want the best education we can get and that misguided spending is hurting our educational possibilities,” Came said.

Recreation Adviser Jodie English said she wanted to get the message to state officials that NIU needs money in the right places.