Fun may snowball into property damage

By Linda Warchal

Mass snowball fights are not unheard of at NIU and they can end in arrests for those who cause damage to property.

In a Dec. 10, 1985 incident, an NIU service van was overturned and three other vehicles were damaged.

The snowball fight began around 11 p.m. outside of Stevenson South Towers after a 1.5 inch snowfall. A mass snow fight ensued, involving 200 to 300 students.

The University Police were called to the scene but backed off because of the “unruly” crowd. They blocked off several campus streets until about 2 a.m. to prevent further damage to other vehicles.

Damage to the university van and the three other vehicles was reported at $4500.

A pizza delivery truck was reported to have a broken window and other damage, totalling $1200. Two privately owned cars reported a broken mirror and window between $4,500 and $5,000.

Four students were arrested in relation to the incident. The first arrest was made Dec. 12. The student was charged with theft of lost or misplaced property. The three other arrests were made in April of 1986. Two students were charged with criminal damage under $300. The other student was charged with criminal damage to property in excess of $300.