Refinance – and lower fees

Vice President Eddie Wiliams, the Monty Hall of NIU, is making yet another deal, but it looks like students won’t like what’s behind the curtain.

Williams has completed a last minute rush to refinance the current bond debt, which will allow NIU to build a Student Life Center with no fee increase to students.

However, as with most pipe dreams the administration conjures up, there’s a catch.

Students will be paying to construct this building. Instead of a fee increase, students will be paying off NIU’s debt for three years longer, until the year 2016.

And of course, the fact remains that Williams and Barbara Henley, head of Student Affairs, have not yet effectively demonstrated that the need for this building exists.

Sure, some student services may be crowded, but keep in mind these are all secondary services.

Groups slated for space in the proposed building like Career Planning and Placement, Counseling and Development and even The Northern Star do not directly deliver the primary mission of this university – instruction.

The administration should give students a break and lower fees instead of using the savings from reduced interest rates to construct a building of marginal importance.

Let’s hope the students don’t have to choose what’s behind this curtain – they’ll be much better off taking the money this time.