Crystal shop: point of focus for well-being

By Fred Heuschel

A crystal is like a string on your finger: It’s a reminder to do something.

The believers of this simile, Tamara Michaels and Milissa E. Wales, are co-owners of Crystals Unlimited, 119 E. Lincoln Hwy.

“A crystal is a point of focus. It helps you focus on what you’re supposed to do. People play with the stones and they are subconsciously reminded of what the stone is for,” Michaels said.

“If you believe that is works, then it will work,” Wales added.

Crystals Unlimited carries stones like rose quartz, amethyst and aqua-marine which can be used for a variety of things: increasing self-love, curing physical ailments and enhancing one’s love life.

Michaels and Wales opened the store three years ago in a small room that was part of another business. Since that time they have had to move twice to accomodate their growth rate.

“What started out as a hobby has turned into a viable business,” Wales said.

Both are quick to add that they have regular jobs outside the store and they do not view Crystals Unlimited as a money-making venture, noting that many of the proceeds from the store go to supporting environmental causes.

“We’re here to promote well-being and to pass on good nature,” Wales said, citing other items such as incense and essential oils which are available in the store. All these products are designed to promote positiveness and well-being, Wales said.

Michaels said that crystals have been used for hundreds of years by people of many different cultures. She said that European kings and queens have worn crystals for centuries because it is believed that God sends messages through them.

“The mythology of many different cultures is represented through our crystals. It’s a mish-mosh of biblical, East Indian, American Indian, etc…” Michaels said.

She said the difference between jewelry and crystals is that crystals are more affordable and available to more people. “Prices range from 50 cents for individual stones up to $250 for collectors’ pieces,” Wales said.

The crystals are purchased through a wholesaler in Chicago for the most part, Wales said, but the two have been known to make expeditions to hund for specially requested stones for collector.

Michaels said people buy crystals for all sorts of occasions including birthdays, graduations and anniversarys. “We had a pilot who was going overseas to Saudi Arabia buy one for luck,” she said.