Club hopes to help students

By Sean McClellan

There are swans in the East and West Lagoons, and swans in Watson creek—now there is a new group of swans on campus.

Students Who Are Non-Traditional (SWAN), is a club open to all students, with an emphasis on non-traditional students. Students who feel they are non-traditional, or not right out of high school, are welcome.

“We don’t want to create separation and don’t want to alienate anyone on campus,” said SWAN President Chris Linde. “We want to interface traditional and non-traditional student members.”

The club was organized because often non-traditional students who are trying to juggle work, school and home feel overwhelmed on campus. And usually they have forgotten how to study.

“(You) feel so comfortable once you talk to students,” said Linde. “You realize we have a sense of community and are in the same boat. There is a perceived delineation but really there isn’t.”

Eventually, SWAN wants to get allocated space for non-traditional students to meet. “We want to introduce a network of adult students,” said SWAN member Greg Leathers.

Many non-traditional students are commuter students who come to campus to study or fix problems with schedules and other academic areas. SWAN wants to give them a place to go to socialize and get orientated on campus.

Eventually, SWAN wishes to become a national organization to help non-traditional students across the country cope with the pressures of college life.