Weekend a sham

This letter is in response to “Parents’ Weekend.” Is there really such a thing, or is it a myth started by NIU administration to make parents feel better?

In a recent Star there was an entire section devoted to “Parents’ Weekend.” It was full of articles and interviews about “Parents’ Weekend,” all of the great activities available, and all of the great times students have had with their parents on past “Parents’ Weekends.”

Although the section seemed to be well-written, it failed to contain a listing of all these great activities. Of all the people that I asked, only three possibilities came up: 1) the NIU football game (not an option for parents unaccustomed to Huskie weather) 2) free meal with the folks (as if they haven’t spent enough money on their kids already) and 3) movie at the student center (like anyone in their right mind from would take their parents there with all the drunks).

Judging from what most of the people I talked to said, DeKalb area restaurants should have been quite busy Saturday. Maybe there were activities available that I was unaware of. I know from experience that if you live in a dorm and attend classes, you know what is happening on campus.

Unfortunately, apartment building residents, like myself, don’t have RAs who come around and post signs to keep us informed. We have to rely on other sources, such as the Star. If there were numerous activities available, I am disappointed in the Star for not listing them, especially in a special section. If there were not, then I would like to dispel the “Parent Weekend” myth.

George Allen