Electricity outage puts local residents in dark

By Dawn C. Brown

DeKalb residents weathered another power outage Wednesday night.

Mario Fontana, a Commonwealth Edison employee, described the incident as an isolated case with no relation to the several incidents that have occurred throughout the month.

Fontana said one of the 12,000 volt lines that supplies power to the central DeKalb area failed. The wire worked its way loose from the pole.

“The wire was arcing (making contact with the pole) for some time,” Fontana said. This is what caused residents’ lights to blink on and off, he said. The power went out around 9 p.m.

He said the incident might have been weather-related because of heavy storms and winds. “Somehow, the wire was able to work its way free from the isolater,” he said.

The pole was located on Twombly Road about a half mile west of Annie Glidden Road.

Areas affected by the power line were Dresser Road on the north of DeKalb and Lucinda Avenue on the south along Normal Road a block each way.

“Our normal procedure is to identify the problem and isolate it before we can switch around it, which takes a lot of time. The first people to arrive on scene were there at 10:15 p.m. and were able to get people restored at 1:30 a.m.,” Fontana said.

Mark Duckworth, manager of White Hen Pantry, 901 Lucinda Ave., said the outage caused no major problems.

“I got lucky. I didn’t lose any products,” Duckworth said. “I have a back alleyway that keeps my things cold all the time. When I called Commonwealth Edison they said they knew exactly what the problem was and they were working on it.”