Set your alarm

I find it sad that Tom Sullivan, in his infinite “sophomoric” wisdom, has pinpointed what is wrong with a race that he is not a member of. I hate to let you know Tom that you are an outsider looking in with blinders on.

Afro-Americans are surely not the only people being discriminated against, but I ask you—who is in the best position to discriminate? I’ll let you guess.

You want white student unions huh? Well, if you look closely enough, white unions on a larger scale do exist. There’s the KKK, the Arian Nation and let’s not forget the Skinheads. And of course on a smaller scale we have the illustrious members of Sigma Chi, doing skits in blackface.

Now calm down! You say they are not unions, but are groups trying to make a point—racist points—but nevertheless points. We know all about what they stand for. But tell me this—do you know what the BSU is trying to accomplish?

It’s trying to unite black students and push for black unity. Another goal is to promote cultural awareness.

You tell me what a white student union will accomplish. I mean, how much more aware of white culture can one be? You take up all but a few pages in the history books, we eat hot dogs and apple pie and we are trying to live up to your ideals of the American dream: a house in suburbia, two kids, a station wagon and a dog.

True enough, all races have their downfalls but for you to have the unmitigated audacity to stand in judgment and tell a culture, that I am sure that you have minimal knowledge about, who to idolize seems a bit outrageous.

It’s about time that you realize that we do live in a white, corporate America. Yes, it takes hard work dedication and a good education to succeed but I’m here to inform you that it’s not quite that simple for a struggling black person. It takes twice as much because we have to deal with narrow-minded, know-it-all, individuals like yourself.

You say, and I quote, “Everyone has the right to succeed.” Well, I think that it’s a shame that this right is being infringed upon by discrimination in the workplace.

My biggest question to you is what issues can white students be so up in arms about that isn’t already known? Everything revolves around white people. The government, the lawmakers, and the work force. We had to come up with affirmative action just to compete.

And then who do you come up with for us to emulate? “Uncle” Clarence Thomas, who wants to do away with what little we have?

It really pains me that, in this day and age and at an institution of supposed higher learning, there are still people whose minds are still in the gutter of racial ignorance. Set your alarm to 1991 and wake up Mr. Sullivan.

Kelli M. Hinton


Human and Family Resources