Qualified support

I support the right to form groups, unions and alliances that encourage the equitable administration of our constitutional rights. To those studnets who honestly see the need for white unions in a democratic society that is essentially Euro-centric in nature, I offer this timeless and nostalgic challenge reminiscent of the ‘60s—”Fight the power.”

Fight the power that allows unlawful employment practices to go unchallenged. A few months ago The New York Times printed the results of an empirical test showing that in 1991 white college graduates have a three to one employment advantage over thier black counterparts with the same if not better educational qualifications.

Fight the power which requires historically tyrannized segments of our society to provide financial support for those institutions to which they are unjustly denied access.

Fight the power that refuses to acknowledge that we are only one generation removed from the ravenous oppression that endured after slavery; through “Jim Crow” and up until the end of the civil rights struggle. Fight the power that overlooks the fact that 25 years of lawfully-defined equality does not cure the ills of a society that has been for centuries ridden with inordinately cruel displays of man’s inhumanity toward man.

Fight the power that is hostile to the descendants of those who were forced to provide the free labor that helped accelerate the growth of our beloved nation into a major world power.

As an African-American man and supporter of civil organizations such as the NAACP, the Black Baptist Church and the Black Student Union, I encourage the potential founders of a white student union to learn of the legacy that lives on in these organizations.

You will find a concerted effort that seeks to rid our society of the unjust disparities that afflict it. If your efforts are as noble as this, you have my unyielding support.

Walter Farr

Graduate student