Pledging policy

In response to an article you ran about the Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity and its recent abolishing of pledgeship, we, the men of Lambda Chi Alpha, would like to congratulate Phi Sigs on their accomplishments.

Unfortunately, further research into fraternal policy would show that what Phi Sigma Kappa has begun at NIU in 1991 is not new. In 1972 at the Portland, Ore., general assembly for Lambda Chi Alpha, associate membership, in place of pledging, was mandated into fraternal policy, banning pledges from all Lambda Chi chapters internationally.

Lambda Chi Alpha was the first to implement a non-pledging program, and has, traditionally, since 1980 used our associate member program at NIU.

I am aware that several other fraternities also have implemented non-pledging programs in recent years. Lambda Chi Alpha was the first to begin a B.Y.O./no-keg policy at NIU (1988), and the first to begin a risk-management program, which reduces liability and insurance for our fraternity nationally, as well as at NIU.

We just wanted to set the record straight, and sincerely hope you continue to run articles that portray the non-stereotypic side of Greek life, such as the aforementioned article.

Rich Golminas


Lambda Chi Alpha