Majority voice

Go ahead Malcolm Williams. You should be proud of your self-motivation and desire to dominate America’s future work force. I’ll enjoy your competition. But, one thing really bothered me about your Nov. 6 letter to The Northern Star.

It is good that you are proud of your forefathers’ resistance to slavery but should blacks hold a grudge against whites in this present day? How are we supposed to cooperate with each other if there are still bad feelings?

This letter also goes out to all of the opposition to white student unions; in particular, Cherie Jaynes’ Nov. 6, column. Jaynes’ attempted to answer questions to Tom Sullivan’s Oct. 29 article, “For White Unions” from a black point of view.

I support the idea of having a white student union at Northern because I believe that all races should have equal rights. Blacks do not have any privilege over white people where they can have a black student union while the whites can’t have a white student union. The voice of the majority is just as crucial as the minorities.

The black graduation ceremony is wrong! How can blacks fight so hard for racial equality all these years and then turn around and purposely segregate themselves? Malcolm Williams pointed out the fact that if it is more or less just a black recognition dinner.

I can see his point of view, but college is equally as challenging to all people, regardless of color. Because of this, no particular race deserves special treatment.

Ms. Jaynes argued the point that whites are invited to join the BSU. May we also attend the black graduation ceremony? Join the black choir? The list goes on.

If there were a white student union, I’m sure blacks would be invited, so they could learn about our point of view. If they weren’t, I would be against it.

Thank you Walter Farr for your Nov. 7 letter that supports the formation of white student unions from a non-racist standpoint.

Ken Gregory