Homeless story

I am writing in regard for the homeless people here in DeKalb, Illinois. I happen to be one myself.

Last weekend I am walking down the street here in DeKalb and to my surprise a truck full of fraternity boys were driving down the same street I was walking down, one of them holding a can of beer at about 6:30 in the morning.

They yell at me, “Hey you, why don’t you get a job. Get off the street you ——- —.” I didn’t reply, but instead held my dignity by just trying to ignore them.

I would just like to suggest one thing to people like that. Be careful, because someday what has happened to me could possibly happen to you.

I used to have the world in my hands, but over the last two years, I lost everything. I have some college background, but yet the situation I’m in was caused by lack of caring about myself.

I am now sleeping over at Hope Haven, which I think is “God-sent.” It is where I call home right now. It’s a place where help is given and people who volunteer, and the staff, care for each individual who enters there. Thanks for all those involved.

People sometimes think homeless people are scums and bums. But sometime when you see one of us walking around, stop to talk to us, we are not bad at all. We are just individuals down on our luck.

I feel Hope Haven should be acknowledged and appreciated.

Kevin Stichter

DeKalb Citizen

Homeless Individual