Vote for Shur

I am writing this letter in the hope of encouraging many members of the NIU community to vote for George Shur in the forthcoming Board of Education election in the city of DeKalb.

We are fortunate that some of the candidates appear to be well qualified. I am convinced, however, that George Shur, University Legal Counsel at NIU, is exceptionally well qualified.

I have known him since his undergraduate years at a liberal arts college in Maine thirty years ago, and everything I know about him qualifies him eminently for the responsibility of helping to oversee the education of children throughout our city.

I vouch for his wisdom, his prudence, his great store of common sense, and his selfless concern for the public good.

After earning his law degree, George studied at Harvard’s Institute for Educational Management. Since his arrival at NIU in 1983, he has volunteered his services to a variety of community groups such as the Citizens’ Advisory Committee of the DeKalb Board of Education.

Sexual harassment, various student and faculty issues, taxes bonding, liability, student privacy and school athletics are some of the subjects that he has written and spoken on in recent years.

As we all know, DeKalb’s schools are in serious difficulty. We are plagued by financial problems. At some levels our students’ performance falls below the state average. Our top administrators have lost much credibility throughout the community, and the present school board seems unable to lead, to act constructively.

But we have cause for hope so long as unusually strong candidates are willing to contribute their special gifts to the solving of our problems. Please, everyone: On Tuesday, Nov. 5, make a special effort to get to the polls.

And as you scan the list of candidates, be sure that one of your choices is George Shur, our George Shur.

Arra M. Garab