Stolen artwork

This is not a response letter, not a letter of personal opinion, but rather one of inquiry, appeal and a touch of animosity.

The topic I am bringing to everyone’s attention is stolen art. Last Wednesday night, between the hours of 9:30 p.m. and 10 p.m., an illustration piece was stolen from the display case on the second floor of the art building. Unfortunately, it happened to be mine.

I’ve heard of art pieces getting stolen like this in the past but I guess I couldn’t relate since its never happened to me and it isn’t a very common occurence. Boy, did this turn me around.

The topic of the colored-pencil piece was a famous personality—a collage of three views of Winona Ryder. I was wondering if anyone knows of anyone who might have seen it around or even has it. If you have any information or have it, please submit it to any of the offices in the art building.

Writing this may seem ridiculous for a simple picture, but all the time and effort I put into the work got me quite attached to it. Even more importantly, I need this illustration for my portfolio review at the end of this semester, which thus affects my current and future career in art.

I know this is a long shot, but if the one who took it is reading this, please have a conscience and return it; if it’s Winona you like, a color copy of the piece will do you fine, but I really need this picture and I hope someone will help me by responding to my plea.

Rosie Funovits