Walk in my shoes

This letter is in response to the editorial, issued Oct. 29, entitled “For White Unions.”

First of all, regarding the statement, “When whites decide to stand up for issues that are important to them, they are labeled racist. When blacks do so, they are labeled civil rights activists,” answer this Mr. Sullivan, have you ever been discriminated against because of your color and/or race?

Secondly, you stated, “Why is it that a white person can’t voice his/her opinion on important issues such as this?” Who said that a white person couldn’t voice his/her opinion? You are contradicting yourself because you have obviously voiced your opinion.

Thirdly, your statement, “Why is it that blacks can have their own fraternities, sororities, graduations, education programs and student unions?” White people already have these organizations.

Too bad if you are sick and tired of hearing how poorly the black race is treated. It is the truth! It seems to me that you are having a personal problem believing it.

Fourthly, if anyone needs to get with the program, it is you Mr. Sullivan. Where did you get your so-called “interesting fact” that “75 percent of all blacks in college don’t graduate”?

Until you have walked in my shoes, you have no idea what discrimination really is. As for as I am concerned, I am better than you. I am black and proud of it! By the way Mr. Tom Sullivan, I am graduating from this university, this December 1991. What do you have to say about that?

Cindi Carr


Family and Individual Development