English changes

I was tired of the double-spoken “Political Correctness” attack from the conservative right when I first heard of it years ago. But I must say, the D’Souza-Fish debate has inspired me to rethink and address the topic.

I wholeheartedly support free speech as well. When the “free speech” of one person implies the unfreedom or oppression of someone else (like pornography or Nazi-hate garbage), I would attack the content, the meaning of the words, etc., not someone’s civil right to express them.

Changes in language are necessary and natural. It is the particular forms of human oppression themselves, like racism and sexism that must be fought, not JUST “band-aided” with PC language and reforms. It is most important, to transcend the philosophy that would tolerate and perpetuate such alienated human relationships.

The D’Souza-Fish debate and the discussion around Political Correctness is exactly the kind of battle of ideas we need to work out what we oppose in our society. I think it is ultimately important to develop a philosophy of what we are for!

The CAB Speakers Committee should be commended for organizing such a timely and well-attended program.

Space permitting, I would like to invite everyone to a presentation and discussion about “Rosa Luxemburg, Women’s Liberation and Marx’s Philosophy of Revolution” Nov. 6 at 8 p.m. in the Holmes Student Center Room 405. This program is supported by CAB Speakers Committee and partially sponsored by Marxist-Humanist Forum.

Marna Coldwater