Shur wins most votes in election

By Sean McClellan

The DeKalb School Board elections came to a close with George Shur, Martha Blitzblau, Stanley Johnson and Helen Traglia taking the four available seats.

Shur was the top vote-getter with 2,143 votes. Blitzblau and Johnson followed close behind with 2,030 and 2,019 votes respectively. Traglia ran unopposed from the unincorporated district, and Suzanne Lambrecht received 1,785 votes.

“I feel real good,” said George Shur. “I’ve never ran for an office before and I’m sort of taken back and thrilled by the whole thing. I’m very proud and very pleased.” Shur is currently employed at the University Legal Counsel.

“It won’t affect my work with the university at all. The board meets in the evenings and won’t have any effect at the university. It’s going to mean that I’m going to have to be a lot more organized.”

Shur said the key to a successful board is being open and friendly, and he also expects the other board members to be open and friendly with him.

Blitzblau also was excited about the prospect of being a new board member. “I did the best I could, and the community responded by voting and giving the combined new board a message that the priority issue is returning tax dollars to the classroom.”

Johnson said he will “stick to (his) campaign plans.” One plan was setting goals for academic achievement. “It’s just a matter of setting goals and getting the board to agree with them,” he said.

Johnson also expressed sympathy for Lambrecht. “One never expects to lose,” he said.