A decent meal

Thanks to the Food Administration at Northern, I cannot get a decent meal. I am a freshman and this is my first time living away from home. Unfortunately, because I am only a freshman, I live in a dorm and am stuck eating the food in the dorm cafeteria.

I understand that nothing beats mommy’s home cooking, but the food here just plain stinks. The food does not taste right.

I am trying to gain about 15 to 20 pounds this year because I would like to play football next year. How can I gain weight if I cannot eat the food here.

The combinations are awful. Today, the cafeteria served shrimp and meat egg rolls with fish. When I finished dinner, I thought my stomach was going to blow up.

I still have questions about the carrot jello that is served on lettuce. Who is going to eat carrot jello? I do have food in my room, but soups and cookies only go so far.

The food is mostly stale and they serve the same food throughout the week. By Saturday, it is questionable whether to eat in the cafeteria. There are a couple of good meals that I do enjoy, but the majority of them I do not like.

I believe that Northern should do something to improve the food in the dorm cafeterias so that the students can actually look forward to eating. It is times like these when you really miss mommy’s home cooking.

Scott Nowak