I am thankful(?)

Allow me to comment on the Oct. 29 letter titled “For White Unions” by Tom Sullivan.

Originally, I began writing a long drawn-out response to Sullivan, carefully explaining every point so that he could clearly understand the exact definitions, policies and feelings of the black race. I trashed that letter in favor of this one. Instead of hurling words of wisdom at Sullivan, I’d like to thank him.

I am thankful. You ancestors rescued my ancestors from playing jungle games (such as building pyramids) and gave us a free cruise over to the New World.

I am thankful. Once we reached paradise, did you abandon us? No, you dominated us totally, taking care of our every waking need.

I am thankful. You taught us skills, you know—how to run (100-meter dash) away, the fashion business (i.e. cotton apparel) and the importance of not becoming too attached to your family.

But oh, those were the good old days. There is no use crying or longing for them. No need to ask for help because we were drilled in the art of self-survival 130 years ago. You raised our worth so much that you gave us our very own trains, fountains, bathrooms, boats and even our very own baseball league! Of course, eventually whites caught up with us, and we decided to partly integrate with you.

I am thankful. Those individuals who sought to help integrate society—you gracefully put to sleep so that we could remember them forever.

Shame on you blacks. Why would you go out and start your own fraternities, sororities, unions, pageants, choirs and educational programs when you know the whites wanted you in theirs?

How do we know? Because when you tried, they gave you free water-hose showers to cool you off on those hot days. They sharpened your skills in rope-knot making.

Get with the program. The next time one of you elite 25 percent college graduates get turned down for a job, work harder. Never mind Mr. Sullivan, that the average white with a high school diploma makes the same as a black with a four-year college degree. No, there is no white economic domination there.

Sure there are poor whites. There are unfortunate whites. The question is the average white and black. That, Mr. Sullivan, is not equal.

Now that I think about it, with all the things you’ve given us, there is no reason for us to be down. I wonder if Clarence Thomas needs an assistant.

Terry Dillard


Political Science