NIU students, faculty voice concerns

By Paul Kirk

Some faculty and students at NIU are getting fussy about grass on campus.

Members of the University Council discussed the constant problem of students walking on the mall lawn in the Martin Luther King Jr. Commons outside the Holmes Student Center.

NIU President John La Tourette said he hoped people would stop walking on the mall lawn, and have a sense of pride about the mall.

“The mall area cost us $700,000, people should stop walking on the grass,” La Tourette said.

“The new memorial is very inspiring,” Eleanor Godfrey, member of the UC, said. “It feels like it’s accomplishing its purpose.”

In a related issue, concern was expressed at the UC meeting by La Tourette about the speed of cars on Normal Road outside the student center.

UC members expressed a need to lower the current speed limit of 30 mph on the road.

“We’re fortunate that only a few students have been hit by traffic,” La Tourette said.