Sell less permits

I would like to address the issue of student parking.

The Office of Parking Services issues student parking permits without keeping track of the number of parking spots. They let too many people have permits, so parking spots are very scarce. This leaves the student with no other choice but to find another empty spot, regardless where it is.

According to facts stated in the Aug. 29, 1991 issue of The Northern Star, “there are 6,414 parking spaces on the NIU campus, and last year 10,877 parking permits were sold.” It is no wonder that students have illegally parked.

Also stated in the same issue, Helen Nodurft, the parking manager said, “We have no control over how many permits we sell. If we did that it would mean that the person who was in line in front of you could get a permit and you wouldn’t … and that wouldn’t be fair.”

Many problems on campus are dealt with on a “first come, first serve” basis, what would one more hurt? The line has to be drawn somewhere.

I understand that we have to take into consideration that some people will not always be on campus, and some students will drop out during the semester, but according to last year’s statistics, if by pure chance everyone showed up with their cars, 4,463 people would be without a parking space.

If we are to issue more permits than space, I believe that the number of extra permits should be cut down considerably, so that there is some sort of order kept. It is a simple concept, why can’t an adult who holds an office position understand?

I realize that there are more important issues that need to be dealt with, but if the smaller ones are taken care of, then it would be easier to solve any larger problems.

Stacy Holland


Communication Studies