Kudos for Rugai

As a former high school quarterback, I consider myself fairly knowledgeable on the subject of football. This past weekend (much to my surprise) I witnessed two great things: 1. My first NIU Homecoming. 2. The performance of back-up quarterback, Rob Rugai.

Prior to the Huskie’s season opener, I took the opportunity to read what The Northern Star had to write about our “hounds of the doghouse.” It was at this time that I read an interview with Rugai who had just been placed in the back seat to another “running” quarterback.

Throughout the write-up, I read things like “patience,” and “When I get my chance, I’ll contribute” from Mr. Rugai.

Well, Saturday he did get his chance opening with a plethora of on-target passes. Not surprisingly, three of his nine or so were dropped!

Accounting for the miserable performance that was displayed before he entered the game, not much more could have been asked of the junior marksman as he soon fell victim to poor pass blocking, as well as NIU’s non-existent running game.

I may not have the stats of Charlie Sadler, (if I did, I would be at a Big Ten or Pack Eight school—which is where he’s headed) but anyone who knows what sewn pigskin looks like surely knows what Rob Rugai looks like.

C’mon coach, he’s wearing #11 and throwing the football.

John Ouradnik