EPA sponsors London trip

By Grant Miller

Educational Programmes Abroad is inviting NIU students to study in London for a semester and earn six credit hours.

Students can study subjects in London ranging from political science and business, to art history and music. “In London, almost any profession is possible for an internship,” said Lisa Toole, the EPA London assistant executive director.

“NIU makes the program as cost accessible as possible,” Toole said. “Basically the student pays the usual NIU tuition along with a fairly nominal fee, sometimes as low as $100.”

“London is a great place to study,” Toole said. “It’s good because they speak the same language, but their culture is very different.”

Ines DeRomana, coordinator of the NIU Foreign Study Program, said students get six credit hours for the two classes they take as well as their internship in the country.

“About 99 percent come back and say that it was the most educational experience they ever had,” Toole said. “Studying abroad is a difficult and challenging experience, but it is often that challenge that makes it all that much more exciting.”

Usually a student needs a grade point average of 3.0, but this standard can be lowered if a situation arises. “We make sure to keep the 3.0 standard negotiable for the student,” Toole said.

Although the program is called a “study abroad program,” it is not a foreign exchange program. “British students have a hard time getting over here, usually because of lack of funds,” Toole said.

“It is a great country because it is a relatively small country that is easy and safe to travel through,” Toole said. “Students can get out on the weekends and go to Bath and Stratford.”

“Students also learn a lot just by being in a different country and seeing first hand how the United States is viewed in another country,” Toole said. “If a person has the chance they should go—it will change their perspective on life.”

Interested students can contact the Foreign Studies Program.