Integrated union

This is in response to Tom Sullivan’s letter in the Oct. 29 issue. In his letter about white unions, Mr. Sullivan made one good point—”there has to be cooperation from all races.”

Instead of having a white student union, because the black people have one, why not integrate and have a student union? Why step back and start segregating, when we have come this far?

As for your insight on discrimination, when was the last time you and the rest of your white Irish-American friends were discriminated against? Don’t downplay discrimination when you have never encountered it.

As for your speech about slavery—I can’t remember a time when any of my black friends were “crying about what happened to the slaves over 130 years ago.”

Whether you realize it or not Mr. Sullivan, white people do have an economic dominance over other racial groups in this country. It all boils down to discrimination and racism (from both sides).

When a black family moves into a “white” neighborhood and people throw bricks through their windows and pack up and start moving, that’s discrimination. When a group makes fun or shows hatred toward another race, that’s racism and evolves into discrimination.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe all forms of segregation should be abolished. But Tom, come on. Do you honestly think that the only reason racial tension and segregation exist is because of black people portraying white people as dominant?

Before you give us your discrimination expertise and your solutions to a better society, turn around and look at yourself before you point your finger at other races.

Aaron L. Klopfenstein