Students give many reasons

By Ken Goze

Problems with money, problems with advisement and family problems are some of the top reasons students leave NIU, according to a phone survey of some students who left.

In one of three studies conducted by the NIU Assessment Services Office, about 200 students who withdrew from residence halls during Fall 1990 and the beginning of 1991, were called and asked why they left NIU.

The sample included all students during that time who didn’t indicate student-teaching, transfer or academic dismissal as reasons for leaving.

Eighty-seven former students or family members who could answer questions were reached. Most of the respondents withdrew at the end of fall semester and 57 percent only attended NIU for one semester. At the time of the survey in May, 46 percent were attending another institution, primarily junior college.

Those surveyed were asked to rank a number of reasons as very important, slightly important, or not at all important. Sixty-four percent of those responding listed financial hardship as slightly or very important.

Forty-two percent said problems with advisement was slightly or very important and an equal number said not getting needed classes had some impact on their decision to leave NIU.

Forty-seven percent plan to return to NIU. Those who listed “other problems” gave responses such as pregnancy, job offer or entering alcohol rehabilitation.

Withdrawing students said there were some positive aspects of NIU. These included friends, faculty,