Group to hold meeting

By Dawn C. Brown

The Illinois Groundwater Association will be having their semi-annual meeting concerning natural resources Wednesday from 8:30 to 4 p.m. in the Holmes Student Center’s Heritage Room.

Ronald Kaufmann, the president of the Executive Board of Illinois Groundwater Association, said speakers from around the region will be attending the meeting.

“The meeting is run by way of a series of speakers given the opportunity for questions and answers. It’s a chance to discuss future joint projects. Problems are identified and agreed to be worked on,” he said.

Kaufmann said students who are concerned about climate change, water pollution and low-level radioactive waste facilities among many other resources can attend this meeting.

“The water is our future. We need to be concerned about it. We need to solve some of the existing problems that may threaten our water supply,” Kaufmann said.

Georgia Brown, a graduate student in NIU’s department of geology, will be discussing “Hydrology of Riverine Wetland Complex, Illinois River.”

Also, Ron Flemal, a pollution control board member on campus, will be discussing the structures and deities of the Illinois Pollution Control Board with specific emphasis on the board’s role in groundwater regulation and adjudication.

“The meeting is an awareness talk that does not address any specific task or environmental problem. Public awareness helps our ability to address problems, and allows us to prevent problems before they arise,” he said.

“Our main concern is with what government structure exists in the state of Illinois that is involved in environmental resource,” Flemal said.

Flemal added that groundwater is a valuable source of most of our drinking water and because it’s an easy contaminate people should be aware of the dangers.

Many speakers will also be addressing problems in different areas of the state, Flemal said.