Businesses pay OCR with equipment

By Linda Warchal

A new policy was approved which will benefit students who use the Office of Campus Recreation by providing the rec center with new equipment.

Under the new policy, the rec center will receive new equipment in exchange for services rendered to businesses which use the “group adventure training.”

OCR’s outing center offers the equipment, destinations and staff for the corporations using the program.

The new policy, which was approved at a Student Association senate meeting, offers businesses the option to contribute equipment as payment, rather than money.

SA Recreation Adviser Jodie English said under the old policy corporations would pay the fee but the money would just go back into the general revenue account.

“It’s the best way to infiltrate new equipment (into the rec center) and replace the old,” English said.

Doug Moore, NIU chief accountant, said some specifics still need to be worked out.

Moore said he thinks the program is small and it probably will not be in great demand. But receiving equipment is not a bad business practice, he added.

If it is administered properly, there is no reason this could not be a sound program, Moore said. The OCR wants equipment equal in value to the services which are offered, he said.

The exchange policies include equipment which is equal in monetary value for the services. Exchanges will be completed within 60 days of the termination of the services and the equipment will be approved by the outing center director.