Closed debate

Most of those attending the DeKalb Board of Education special meeting on September 25, 1991, left with a sour taste in their mouths. They, and members of our entire community, have a reason to be enraged that the Board of Education voted to cut off citizen discussion of the proposed Administrative Center.

Even though hands were in the air and the board knew that a group of concerned citizens had prepared formal remarks for presentation, the board voted (6 to 1) to shut off debate and proceeded to a vote.

Regardless of how any of us fell about the Ad Center project, we can all agree that local committees and boards should bend over backwards to encourage public discussion of the issues. The debate was spirited but it was coming to a close.

After two months of discussion, surely the board could have spent another 15 or 20 minutes listening to he public, even if it meant the hearing of prior arguments and questions. The people deserved that.

As a candidate for election to the board, as a taxpayer, and as the parent of two children in our schools, I am concerned that our board acted without courtesy to the public. We must work towards restoring faith in our school system, and cutting off discussion of an important issue is not the way to do it.

George M. Shur

DeKalb resident

NIU Legal Counsel