SA candidates declare opposite outlooks

By Rebecca Bahr

Student Association Presidential candidates are making plans to confront student perceptions of the senate next year.

The two candidates took opposite sides in the first real conflict in views in this race so far. Senate Speaker Preston Came said if he is elected, he intends to focus reform around continued involvement in administration activities.

Taking a completely different angle, Sen. Kelly Marie McDonald said if she is elected, her plan is to concentrate on meticulously appointing strong leaders to the salaried SA student adviser positions.

Both candidates have taken an active role in SA and university committees this year.

McDonald also said the SA needs to concentrate on communicating with each other more.

“It should be the president’s job to make sure that information is disseminated,” she said.

In dealing with members on SA committees, McDonald said she would push to make attendance mandatory at committee meetings as well as senate sessions.

“I would hope that if people can’t handle a job, then they would just resign,” McDonald said.

In pointing to examples of her success as Illinois Student Association field director, McDonald said she showed how handing down information can create clarity on issues for the SA to combat.

“It’s easier to cut someone down when you’re not involved,” McDonald said. Word-of-mouth recruitment of active senators will work as a key factor in sharpening a more favorable image of the SA, she said.

However, McDonald’s opponent said the SA will gain greater respect as it makes strides in influencing decisions in the administration.

“Many students have thanked me for working for their interests,” Came said.

Came has been actively fighting the administration on a number of high profile issues including the controversial appointment of the vice chancellor for Strategic Planning position created by the Board of Regents.

“Because this is a suitcase college, many times students don’t realize that when issues come up it’s the SA (doing the work),” Came said.

McDonald said she is more in touch with student groups because she has been actively involved in many liberal groups on campus.

“I have a very strong personality,” McDonald said. “I’m not afraid to take a stand on an issue, but I’ll always compromise.”

While McDonald said she realizes her approach to campaigning is more grass roots and less formal politically, she said she wants to be elected to make a difference and to make some solid changes.

“The administration is taking over. All of the power is being taken away from the students,” she said.