SA candidates prepare for campaigns

By Rebecca Bahr

A Student Association presidential candidate and the unopposed vice presidential candidate said they will run their campaigns together.

SA senate speaker and presidential candidate Preston Came and vice president candidate John Quilico said they will kick off their campaign with an official news conference tonight to announce campaign goals.

“We want to show people that we would work well together,” Came said.

Although Came and Quilico are operating their campaigns together, the election ballot will not disqualify Quilico for vice president if their slate does not take in the most votes, Quilico said.

Quilico said he will be working side by side with Came to make sure the senate speaker gets elected.

Came said he intends to stand as a strong and forceful voice for students when he sees “unjust” university actions.

Came outlined five goals that he would work toward as president, which he said he will elaborate on as his campaign unfolds.

“I plan to work to eliminate waste within the SA by reworking the budget and by ensuring advisory responsibility,” Came said.

Came said he wants to make sure student fees are being spent in the most efficient manner. He said he will support a revision in the pay policy for SA advisers.

“I want to make it more competitive to get into the senate and therefore make it a more responsible body,” Came said.

Came also said he would like to see the SA enact a practical constitution that won’t tie the hands of the senate, as well as see more student support of the Illinois Student Association.

“We need to keep more active relations with the ISA,” he said. The ISA is a lobbying group for student issues in Springfield.

Quilico said he feels qualified for the vice president position because, as the SA advertising adviser, he kept close communications with SA-recognized student organizations.

Came, a sophomore political science major, has been a two-year member of the SA Internal Affairs Committee and the Finance Committee and has served on several university committees.