Senator calls funding policy inconsistent

By Rebecca Bahr

Although a Student Association senator is calling the SA budgeting policy inconsistent, the group’s treasurer said false correlations are being drawn between academic and social organizations.

“In order to be funded, organizations must provide programming that fills a void in the university,” said SA Treasurer Mike Holy.

The funding criteria came under question Sunday when Sigma Tau Delta, an English honors society, was turned away after two years of SA support.

A minority of the senate argued that this action stood in contrast to the SA’s support of greek organizations, which restrict membership. However, SA policy states that no individual sorority or fraternity will be considered for funding.

“Sigma Tau Delta funding in the past was based on a tutoring service they provided which no longer exists,” Holy said.

“It is not the responsibility of the SA to fund for professional development of the student body … preprofessional and academic organizations must demonstrate significant contributions to the student populace before receiving funding,” SA financial policy states.

The policy has been misinterpreted to mean that organizations must be open to all students, Holy said.

Questions were raised as to how the SA can defend funding $9,000 to the ice hockey club while it refuses $200 to an organization that encourages academic achievement.

SA Sen. Kelly Marie McDonald said the senate should be consistent and fund the English honors society just as it funds greek organizations.

“Greek organizations contribute to the whole university through sponsoring events and doing philanthropy work,” said IFC President Steve Sliga.

Greek groups also develop social and leadership skills, Sliga said.

“A significant contribution to the university is considered a qualitative, not a quantitative thing,” Holy said.