Poor sacrifice

We knew that Iraq was having a border dispute with Kuwait and on July 25, 1990, according to the Jan. 16 Seattle Times, Ambassador April Glaspie received the following written instructions from the secretary of state, approved by the president, to deliver the following message to Hussein:

“We will not become involved in your border dispute with Kuwait and we take no position on this dispute.” Ohio Representative Mary Rose Oakar said Ambassador Glaspie is now incommunicado.

Why did Bush give the green light to Hussein in July and then a few weeks later start calling him “a Hitler?” Was Hussein set up by Bush?

Now Bush wants the Emir of Kuwait restored to power (status quo ante). The Emir is not the American way of life—70 wives, seven personal 747’s and sole owner of Kuwaiti Oil Company with half of the oil money going into his personal pocket.

Are America’s sons and daughters to be sacrificed for a guy like this?

Alan Rhodes

Ohio resident