New logo symbolizes unity in SA

By Rebecca Bahr

The NIU Student Association is presenting a new look this semester to show their renewed dedication to unity and cooperation.

The new SA logo was designed by Scott Emond, a senior graphic arts major. Emond’s design was chosen as the best entry in an SA sponsored logo contest last semester.

The idea for the new design, a pair of hands clasped together in a handshake, came from a series of news stories about the SA and their struggles, Emond said.

“Our old logo was designed ten years ago,” Public Relations Advisor Lara Cipollo said, “We needed a new look that better explains what we’re about.”

The new design symbolizes “the commitment between the student and the student leader, as well as the relationship between the governing party,” Emond said.

The logo should serve “as an everlasting reminder during times of disagreement that the ultimate goal is to work together for the students,” he said.

“This design was chosen as the winner because it has a simple, but important message,” Cipolla said.

Although Emond said the real prize comes from seeing his ideas recognized and from gaining confidence in his talent, he also received a $25 gift certificate from the Village Commons Bookstore.

“It’s flattering to see your work get such great exposure,” he said.

Approximately ten entries were judged by the SA public relations committee for their design and their representation of the governing body, Cipolla said.

The new logo will appear on SA stationary, advertisements, brochures, signs and flyers, Cipolla said.