Alcoholism series offeredby

By Erik Kuska

As many as one out of every five Americans have grown up around alcoholism.

If students have suffered alcoholism themselves or seen it in family members or friends, they could still be surrering from its influence today.

Anyone who has been affected by alcoholism can learn more about the disease starting Feb. 6, during a four-part educational series on adult children of alcoholics.

“If you have been affected, the negative feelings don’t go away on their own, the healing process starts with awareness,” said Community Educator Rick Johnson.

The series will run on Wednesdays from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. at the Ben Gordon Center, 12 Health Services Dr., DeKalb. The series costs $30.

Many adult children of alcoholics still carry emotional scars from their experiences that will never go away without help, he said. But many are reluctant to share their problems because they feel their family life was unique, he said.

Johnson said that in reality 20 percent of Americans shared those same experiences.

Johnson said the program is “popular, affordable and helps people locate the roots of their problems.”

It’s not a therapy or support group but an informational class led by a qualified, certified addiction conselor and all are welcome to attend, he said. Those attending don’t have to be in A.A. (Alcoholic’s Anonymous), in counseling or recovering, he said.

In the past, the series has drawn a broad cross-section of all ages to the classes including NIU students, he said.

For more information regarding the education series of other programs and services offered by the Ben Gordon Center, call 756-4875.