Wiggins announces candidacy

By Marc Alberts

Gary Wiggins announced his candidacy for third ward alderman Friday, four days after being denied the post by the DeKalb City Council.

“I am now announcing that I would like to return some of my experience, my time and my services to the residents in the 3rd ward,” said Wiggins.

Last Monday, the city council voted 4-3 to deny Wiggins, who was chosen by Mayor Greg Sparrow, the 3rd ward alderman post.

The 3rd ward seat was vacated by Bill Hanna, who is moving to the 5th ward and intends to oppose incumbent alderman Bessie Chronopoulos.

Wiggins began his speech at the Plumbers’ Union hall by answering criticism that his recent move to the 3rd ward was prompted by Hanna’s departure.

“I purchased a house in the 3rd ward on April 29, 1990. At that time there was no indication of any resignation by any other elected officials from that ward,” Wiggins said.

Wiggins spoke about his long association with the ward, focusing on his childhood in DeKalb and his 3rd ward business.

Wiggins said his experience as a spokesman for labor views in the city council makes him well qualified to represent the predominantly blue-collar 3rd Ward.

“I want to make this perfectly clear, I am no one’s candidate, only the candidate for the 3rd Ward. That’s plain and simple,” Wiggins said.