War for peace

In response to Thursday’s article about the Marxist-Humanist Forum, is Bush a capitalist gangster or the leader of our country?

I think all this peace and love is nice, but this is more than a “war of oil”; this is a statement for world peace.

I spoke with a Marxist-Humanist at the Dylan concert and one told me she didn’t want “blood oozing from boys’ guts and we should help our brothers out from under their oppressor (Hussein).”

Do they forget that we did, but Hussein killed thousands of his own people and eliminated the resistance? We’re doing that in Nicaragua right now, but they don’t like that either.

Now isn’t the time to “dig into a philosophy of freedom and revolution,” it’s a time to stand behind our government.

If we forget who’s fighting for our side, why should I be registered for the draft?

Jack Stanaszek