Silverettes to compete

By Jennifer Hutchins

It may seem a little early, but the NIU Silverette dance squad has already made a New Year’s resolution. In fact, the entire squad is in on this one.

The Silverettes hope to “knock ‘em dead” in their first-ever appearance at a national competition.

The dance squad, which primarily performs with the Huskie band during football halftime shows and parades, has been selected to compete in the dance division of the National Cheerleading Association’s cheerleading and dance competition held in Austin, Texas, Jan. 3-5.

NIU was one of 13 Division I squads to be selected to compete based on a videotape performance sent in by Silverette coach Renea Nuxoll.

Huskies band director Frank Bibb is pleased with the Silverette’s success.

“This is the first time they (Silverettes) have ever been able to be in a national contest, although they’ve always wanted to,” said Bibb.