Don’t cut route

I am responding to an article printed in The Northern Star on Nov. 13. The article concerned cutting routes from the Huskie Bus Line to curtail overspending due to the rising oil prices.

The article stated the Student Association Mass Transit Board had considered cutting service in selected areas in order to save money.

One of the areas was the route served by the 4R bus and the other was the route served by the 1 bus.

I happen to live in Surburban Apartments and frequently take the 1 bus to my morning classes, along with many other students who reside here.

If the service were cut for next semester, getting to class would be very difficult.

If the SA is going to cut bus routes, why don’t they do it in an area where students will not have to walk for an hour in the middle of winter to attend class?

By living here at Surburban Apartments, we are very dependent on bus service.

If this service is discontinued, myself and the other residents of Surburban Apartments will have to walk at least forty minutes in each direction.

I think it is completely ridiculous to cut bus service to those who help pay for it.

Although highly unlikely, please make an attempt to think logically before making the ridiculous decision to cut bus service from those who live farthest from campus.

Paul Novotny