Vote intelligently

After reading Robert Skwarek’s letter on Nov.9, I feel it is a shame that uninformed citizens are allowed to vote.

Before a person votes it is their responsibility to get the facts on the candidates and their issues.

Voting is the act of choosing the best candidate (or policy) on the issues you are for or against.

During an election campaign, candidates inform you of those policies in which they are for or against.

Censorship is a big issue and unfortunately, if the wrong candidates are elected to office a censorship bill could be imminent.

MTV was telling you to be aware of the candidates’ positions on the censorship issue; thus you would vote for the proper candidates.

Therefore, if you thought there was an actual referendum on censorship on the ballot, you were wrong.

Maybe next time there is an election you should be a bit more informed on the issues before you start punching ballots.

Remember Richard, voting is a privilege and if you’re ignorant about it one day, you may no longer have it.

Kristen Lee Sohacki