SSU reaches settlement

By Vickie Snow

A last-minute settlement spurred by last week’s flying accusations erased a pressing strike for teachers at Sangamon State University in Springfield.

Bargaining teams on the sides of the teachers’ union—University Professionals of Illinois Local 4100—and the Board of Regents reached an agreement during the weekend that solved the problems involving salary and contract terms.

Problems began in June when the teachers’ contract expired. Last month, the Regents offered a 2 percent salary increase, which faculty flatly declined.

UPI President Mitch Vogel said the settlement was prompted by last week’s uproar in Springfield.

At a meeting with the House Appropriations Committee II, union officials charged SSU President Durward Long with failure to release budget information, denial of the existence of such documents and the misuse of university money.

SSU faculty then filed an unfair labor practice action against the university for refusing to hand over the requested information.

Weekend negotiations led the board and the union to recommend a contract for the teachers to vote on Dec. 3, Vogel said. He would not comment on any of the contract’s terms.

“I anticipate the faculty approving the contract,” Vogel said. If they reject it, however, further negotiations and possibly a strike will occur, he said.

While faculty will not be striking in the near future, clerical and service workers have yet to settle their disputes with the SSU administration, Vogel said.

They will negotiate next week, he said.