Tisch supported for pro-choice platform

By Rebecca Bahr

State Representative Democratic candidate Robert Tisch has roped in the support of at least one statewide pro-choice group.

Personal PAC last week gave its enthusiastic support to Tisch’s campaign because of his firm stance on reproductive rights.

“I am very happy to receive endorsement from such a mainstream group,” Tisch said. He said he is not yet sure whether Personal PAC will be giving his campaign monetary support, but is pleased with the public endorsement.

The National Abortion Rights Action League might also endorse his campaign, Tisch said. NARAL recently endorsed Patrick Welch’s re-election bid for State Senator.

Tisch said his stand on the abortion issue corresponds with the Roe v. Wade decision. “The state does not have jurisdiction over a woman’s body until the fetus reaches the point of viability,” he said.

The government should lend equal support to women who choose abortion instead of completing an undesired pregnancy, Tisch said. “Federal funding of abortions is an ethical decision,” but funding abortions may make more economic sense than supporting unwanted children, he said.

“Whether or not to fund abortions is the toughest queston of all,” he said.

Tisch said his opponent in the race for the 76th Disrict, Brad Burzynski, “is essentially taking an anti-choice stand on the issue.” Burzynski is pro-choice only in cases of rape, incest or when the mother’s life is in danger, Tisch said.

Tisch said Burzynski’s view would cause conflict between doctors and pregnant women, and would inevitably lead women to cry wolf for the sake of controlling their bodies.