Inspire students

This letter is directed toward elementary education majors, but I know others will be able to relate to what I am expressing.

I am a senior in the elementary education program. I plan to help children enjoy and get more out of school; so far I have been told how to motivate and educate them.

There is a new awareness of students and their individual learning needs by a guided discovery or hands on method.

There are thousands and thousands of people in the world, a portion of whom attend college.

Now we have realized the changes in the elementary education and are trying to slowly change the curriculum.

I would like to know why these rules do not seem to apply to college students.

I am entering the teaching profession and learning methods of motivating students to learn a variety of subjects.

ow can we learn when we are not being motivated? If I had a nickel for every time a teacher read off the syllabus or read out of the paper which was right in front of us, I’d be able to pay off my Visa bill (OK, it’s not that high).

We passed the ACT and/or SAT, made it through high school and got through Add/Drop at least once.

If we cannot read on our own by now how did we ever get through Add/Drop?

We are taught methods of having children, enjoying the subject or ways to write a lesson plan.

Why not have the teachers apply it to their own teaching situation?

For all those educators who aren’t earning the money, we are working hard, each in our own way, to make it through college.

This is a “student see, student do” situation and we must do our own part to help these students learn and teachers must be the first to realize this.

The bottom line is stop wasting time and teach. Let’s cut out the unnecessary readings which can be done by the students.

Professors and educators are paid to teach, not keep the class the whole class period, so let the students go when all is said and done.

If I change one teacher I have succeeded, by helping one at a time, and hopefully it might be one of mine.

Debbie Lee


Elementary Education